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De 10 mest underholdende kampanjene 2011

December 28, 2011

I dette innlegget har jeg laget en topp 10 liste over de mest underholdende kampanjene i 2011 (innen sosiale medier). Her vil jeg ikke komme med analyser eller ROI. På denne listen handler det om kreativitet og underholdning. God lesning!

#10 Volkswagen

This is one of the most innovative Twitter campaigns that we have seen as it tapped in to a youth market via a music festival and the race around a Brazilian city to find the hidden tickets via an interactive treasure hunt.

#9 Winning Charlie Sheen

We raised a collective eyebrow when Sheen turned to Twitter to recruit an intern to manage his social media strategy. The enterprising spied an opportunity to promote its offering, and the result was reportedly 82,000 replies to the position and 100,000 clicks through to the site, as well as a rash of media coverage for the brand. On balance, we wouldn’t recommend getting a celebrity going through a very public personal crisis to shill for your brand, but you can’t deny that got more than its share of attention.

#8 ZLATAN, Nike:

When one of the world’s top footballers adds a camera to his back and allows you to play a game where you can control his actions via Facebook you know it’s not just any small local campaign. This is genius marketing from Nike and submerged the user in a whole new way.

#7 FIAT sign spotting:

With QR codes and location based services all the rage at the moment Fiat decided to tap in to both those trends and create a little bit of marketing genius of their own by turning the world’s road signs in to an interactive game.

#6 The Inside Experience:

Intel and Toshiba worked on “The Inside Experience,” an interactive movie/social-media campaign starring Emmy Rossum as Christina Perasso, who’s been abducted and can only transmit clues about her location via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on the laptop she’s been left with (also the subject of the promotion). Fans had to collaboratively unravel the mystery with clues from Christina. The campaign was the brainchild of Pereira & O’Dell.

#5 Ultimat Vodka:

Ultimat Vodka unveiled a Facebook app called the Social Life Audit that uses the site’s facial recognition API to calculate how much fun users are having in their photos, and gender analysis to see if there’s hookup potential. The app employs BlackBook’s database of 2.5 million hot spots to cross-check against Facebook check-ins to see if users are going to trendy places. Amalgamated did the campaign, and Stink Digital was the app developer.

#4 hamlet of Obermutten: 

The Swiss hamlet of Obermutten, population 79, became a Facebook sensation after its fan page launched with a video of the mayor promising that anyone who “liked” it would have their profile picture posted on the town’s (real, not virtual) message board. Obermutten now has more than 14,000 fans. Jung von Matt/Limmat created the campaign for a regional tourism department.

#3 Ford puppet (Doug):

I love Ford’s orange spokespuppet. Ford did right by the foul-mouthed puppet and retired him while he was still on top, back in September.

#2 ‘True Blood’:

HBO hyped the Season 4 premiere of “True Blood” by creating a Facebook app, “Immortalize Yourself,” which enabled fans to produce videos of themselves with real characters and Facebook friends. The app pulled in data from users’ profiles to generate the videos, which could feature random or specific Facebook friends. It was developed for HBO by Definition 6.

#1 Ben & Jerry’s – Fair Tweets: 

Ben & Jerry’s have been quick to embrace social media since the start and their latest campaign allows you to use up the spare letters in your tweets to send fair trade messages via a handy little browser plugin.



Godt nytt år!


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